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Dr. Shelley believes that all pain is energy and can therefore be released. She specializes in using her laser intuition to pinpoint your personal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks—the hindrances that prevent you from having a life experience that is joyful and expansive.

Once she helps you identify your limiting patterns, Dr. Shelley teaches you how to open up to the positive, life-affirming energy that has been cut off or hindered by those blocks. Her classes and individual therapy help you identify where the pain is stored—whether in your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body, or your spiritual beliefs. Many times the pain you feel can be associated with all these areas. Dr. Shelley’s approach utilizes releasing the energy of your pain while addresses thoughts, emotions, the body, and your beliefs in an integrated and holistic way.

Another aspect of her therapy that is pivotal in effecting change is learning how to be fully present in your body—in other words, learning to be grounded. To use an analogy, in order to drive your car, you must be in it. The same is true for healing. In order to heal your body, it is imperative that you be fully grounded in your body. When you are fully grounded, you can embody the changes you want.

The therapeutic process is led by you and your body. She believes it is necessary for you to be in charge of your own cont...

process. The first step in that process is a simple yet powerful one: You set an intention for what you want to change. As soon as you set an intention to change, the energy in your body begins to shift.

Your life experiences leave energy imprints in your body that create a library of your life journey. The combination of techniques that Dr. Shelley uses—psychotherapy, CranioSacral therapy, and energy healing—expedites the healing process and creates the opportunity for you to experience what Dr. Shelley calls a Cellular Shift.

When you take part in Dr. Shelley’s therapy process you will learn to:

  • Be more present in your body
  • Identify your limiting patterns
  • Be more aware of your negative thoughts
  • Be more in tune with what you are feeling emotionally and physically
  • Understand the layers of your emotions
  • Be more efficient in releasing your emotional pain
  • Improve your ability to Self Care
  • Embody peace and joy
  • Create the life you want

To learn more about these concepts, you can order Making the Cellular Shift, by Dr. Shelley Lynch, at Lulu.com, Amazon.com, or BarnesandNoble.com.

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